ʍƈ   Diktgymnasiet
  dikt cymbal - Online Exhibition, Konsthall C  
  dikt cymbal - Info, Konsthall C (Swe)  
  Skandinaviskt regn - Online Publication, mc
  The Origin - Contribution to Scrypth.com  
  View Source - Online Publication, mc  
Visa källa - Online Publication, mc (Swe)
  dive I II III IV V - Ambient YouTube Playlists  
  Fans, Music for a Leaf - Ambient Album, mc  
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Diktgymnasiet is a crip visual artist and poet, who lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Their work, for the most part done in the sick bed, uses language as material, addressing self-care, recovery and disability justice. Their work has been exhibited at Konsthall C in Stockholm, Alta Art Space in Malmö and The National Poetry Library at the Southbank Center in London, and published by the journal Addenda in Copenhagen and the online journal Scrypth(.com) in Oslo.